Collection Statistics

324 unique wallets
4.13 avg. number of Soots
per wallet
993 Soots with a name

Soots in Wallets

Top owner is NFTrees contract ;)

Rarity Scores Distribution

Traits Distribution

Fur Color

Fur Shade

Fur Length

Fur Density

Fur Angle

Special Eyes

Eyes Size

Eyes Height

Eyes Difference

Eyes Distance

Pupil Form

Pupil Size

Pupil Deviation




Coin Type

Konpeito Hue

Abilities Distribution

Range of 0–100 is split to 5 equal chunks:
Very Low [0–20], Low (20–40], Average (40–60], High (60–80], Very High (80–100].

πŸ’ͺ Physique

🀸 Athletics

πŸƒ Endurance

🧠 Intelligence

πŸ€ Luck