CryptoSoots β€” Green 🌱 NFT Collectibles

Soot characters are derived from Susuwatari and were sent to space by 

CryptoSoots are said to reflect the magic of each owner, unique as they are.
What will your Soot say to the world?

♻️COβ‚‚ free

CryptoSoots are living on the Energy Web Chain which is accelerating a low-carbon electricity system and has close to zero tx fees. You can trade your Soots on EWC, not paying much to miners and not producing excessive COβ‚‚ like you’d do on other chains.

πŸ’Ž100% Unique

Given all possible parameters and Soots’ scarcity, every character are unique in their own way. There are no identical Soots! And special artifacts ✨ are making them even more rare.

πŸ“¦Limited Supply

There are only 1337 Soots. All of them already minted.
You can only get one from the others.


Use our Soot Constructor to preview possible traits and their looks. Build your perfect Soot, take its photos, share them.

πŸ“œThe Spec

Soots weren't pre-minted and no one knew what Soot will look like before minting. It was possible to peek behind the veil of mystery by checking The Specification to evaluate possible minting outcome.


Each Soot is bundled with its own planet in the green Sootopia microverse. Help them clean up their planets by planting NFTress, and earn CC tokens by doing so.

Stay tuned for more.